Collection of exquisite and thought-provoking portraits. 

Embark on a resplendent journey into the realm of editorial and fine art portraiture. Welcome to a unique collection, an amalgamation of art and sentiment, where each image stands as an exquisite and thought-provoking testament to the human spirit.

A portrait, in its true essence, is more than just a photographic representation; it is a soul-stirring narrative, a tangible testament to the fascinating complexity of human nature.

The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.

Dorothea Lange


A Symphony of Style and Elegance

Documenting the Runway

Over the years, I've had the distinct privilege of immersing myself in the electrifying atmosphere of London Fashion Week, capturing the most spectacular moments of fashion and catwalk with my camera. With each passing year, this has become more than merely a profession for me - it's a captivating performance where fashion takes center stage, and I, as a photographer, have the honor of documenting this transformative journey. Every stride down the catwalk, every swirl of fabric, every ray of spotlight; they all come together to form a tale of elegance and audacity that is as intoxicating as it is inspiring.



Being the resident photographer for Bare Knuckle Boxing for several years I have been deeply immersed in the compelling world of this unique and dynamic sport that possesses an unmatched intensity. 

I have dedicated my craft, my passion for photography, to capturing the raw, unfiltered energy that permeates every match, every fighter, every moment of this unparalleled sporting event. I've been fortunate to witness the heart-stopping suspense, the glimmers of triumph, and the shadows of defeat - the myriad emotions that form the lifeblood of BKB. Over the years, I've carefully curated and honed my perspective to lend a unique voice to the narrative of each match. Through my photos, I chronicle the journey of the fighters, from just before, through out and after each fight, the highs and lows of their struggles, their enduring spirit standing undeterred against their intimidating opponents. My images capture the heart of BKB, its indomitable spirit, ferocious energy, and its unyielding resilience. It's all about capturing moments, encapsulating emotions, and telling stories. It's about immortalizing the raw vivacity and extraordinary drama that characterizes BKB, freezing in time the hard-earned, fleeting moments of glory and the equally telling signs of human vulnerability. 

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